Prescreen for musical theater and acting

  • Prescreening is required for all applicants to musical theater and acting. Please review the instructions and requirements on the VPA website.
  • Students will not be allowed to register for a musical theater or acting audition without a successful prescreen.

Registration fee

  • There is a one-time audition fee of $50 plus a $30 fee charged by Accept’d for submission of your prescreening audition.
  • Students registering for a musical theater or acting audition have pre-paid the audition fee and will not be required to pay again.
  • Students submitting portfolios to theater design and technology, stage management, or theater management will pay a $10 submission fee to Slideroom.

Register as soon as possible

Audition Day Schedules

  • Please review the audition day schedules prior to completing registration to be certain the timeframe for the day works for you. (Audition dates, locations, and schedules can be found on our VPA website.)

Submitting both an audition and portfolio

  • Applicants who are applying for both a major that requires an audition and one that requires a portfolio/interview should contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions at 315-443-2769 to ensure proper scheduling.

Register only once

  • Applicants should only register once online.
  • Any duplicate registrations on separate dates will be deleted.


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